Eggs| Egg products

Since more than 10 years, we trade on the wholesale market with table/consumption shell eggs, eggs products.

Our business is present throughout Europe with standard graded or ungraded eggs, as well as deep litter / barn, organic, or free range eggs.

Our trade is developing in the third countries, mainly Africa and Middle East countries.

We used to deliver by full truck with eggs trays stacked on pallets, in carton cases pallets or by tank lorry for liquid eggs.

We deal with eggs producers, cooperatives or privates groups, industrials, packing stations, wholesalers, brokerage companies, traders...

Our philosophy : offering the more comprehensive service

Our means to do it :

  • A good knowledge of the European market so as to always get the best opportunities for our customers, sellers or buyers,
  • A good point of honour in settling our payments in due terms,
  • Harshly control expenses to allow for low margins in accordance with the catering wholesale market practices,
  • Most recent technological and social tools to be at any time ubiquitous on the European market,
  • An avaibility at every moment for any requirements from our customers.

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Adeline Gueltas - Gérante CEO - Owner

Adeline Gueltas

CEO - Owner

+33(0) 6 82 31 72 13


Adeline Gueltas - Gérante CEO - Owner

Sabine Costiou

Administrative and commercial assistant

+33(0) 6 58 68 56 83