These general conditions of sale apply from 1st October 2009, any sale by Ovotrade. They are reputed known from the buyer and prevail over any conditions of purchase unless otherwise expressly formal us. Ovotrade reserves the right, even during the execution of the contract, to demand a guarantee for the successful implementation of commitments, refused permission to cancel all or part of the market. Any order made to us means being aware of our terms of sale and unconditional acceptance.

The order

All orders are confirmed by a contract issued by Ovotrade. The contract must be returned signed within 24 hours; no answer after this delay will mean your acceptance.

The delivery

Our goods even sold free travel at the risk of the consignee.

Delivery times are set for information purposes only and in no case the total or partial breach of the order for reasons beyond our control, can lead to disruption of the convention, or to claims for damages.

The buyer accepts the good in the state they were at the time of delivery.

Any reservations must be notified to Ovotrade later than three days after delivery by registered mail.

If these claims concern the transport of goods, reserves must also be issued on receipt of the document transport driver is essential.

In the event of damage occurring during transport arranged by the consignee, it is incumbent on the latter may exercise its recourse against the carrier in accordance with Articles 105 and 106 of the Commercial Code.

In any case, the buyer may not claim compensation or refund the excess value of the goods subject to claims, value at the time of delivery.

The force majeure releasing us from all liabilities are: strike the locations of the sellers in the railways, in shipping, road transport, flood, war, epidemic or disease resulting in a legal ban on marketing, providing disturbances on farms suppliers or decrease for any reason whatsoever livestock.

The payment

Pursuant to law n°92-1442 31 December 1992, all invoices must be paid on the date specified on it, 30 days after delivery.

Its rules later will incur penalties in an amount equal to three times the legal rate of interest applied to the payment.

In the event of default and recovery of the file to attorney or agency litigation, he added to the original amount due, a flat rate of 10 % as a criminal case, with a minimum of 25 euros without prejudice charges that may be incurred in recovering the debt.

The existence of reservations on the document accompanying the goods shall not suspend the payment period.

Failure of a single term as stated in the invoice will automatically the immediate payment of all outstanding claims.

Retention of property (law n°80335 of 12th of may 1980)

All sales are made with reservations of title in benefit of the seller. It is agreed between the parties that the transfer of ownership to the buyer is subject to full payment.

In case of non-payment or part payment of the price and accessories on the agreed date for any reason and for any purpose whatsoever, the seller is already authorized by the buyer to make an inventory of all goods belonging to or in contradictory ways, either by being assisted by a bailiff.

The buyer will bear the risk of damage as it may suffer or cause between delivery and payment.


In case of contestation, litigation and action of payment, the Tribunal of Commerce of Guingamp will have exclusive jurisdiction, notwithstanding the multiple defendants.